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  • Since green labourers’ cards were introduced back in 1995 it has played an important role in shaping the UK construction sector in terms of health and safety. But aside from making the industry and those that work within it safer, it can also help individuals’ professional development. Doing a health and safety training course with APT is a stepping stone to obtaining green labourers’ card in Stoke, so how is it beneficial?

    Seeking Employment

    If a candidate is looking to step up to the next level of employment, or even just starting their first job in the construction industry, a green labourer’s card can help them towards better opportunities. Obtaining a green labourer’s card in Stoke can help to show potential employers that the necessary initial steps have been taken to show a high level of responsibility and professionalism and that they are prepared to go above and beyond to progress their careers.

    Improve a Contract Bid

    An alternative to seeking a job in the construction industry is to go it alone and become self-employed. Once an individual chooses this path, they will need to bid to win contracts against other firms or self-employed contractors and holding a green labourer’s card in Stoke can improve the chances of a bid being accepted. By proving to those in control that the holder is a safe worker who upholds the industry standards of safety, they are likely to look more favourably on an application by a cardholder, over a non-card holder.

    The Next Step

    There are several different types of green labourer cards available in Stoke and around the UK, so different roles can benefit from different adaptations of the card. For example, if an individual wanted to progress into management or supervision, there is a CSCS card that is tailored to show employers that you’ve got the relevant health and safety and have undertaken a course to build your leadership skills.

    If you are interested in a green labourer’s card and want to undertake a course in Stoke to start the process, give our team a call on 0843 507 3335.