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  • As healthy and safety experts in Staffordshire, naturally we’re a stickler for the rules and think that more companies need to improve their practices. With the legalities surrounding what is acceptable in the workplace, changing all the time, many businesses get left behind when it comes to adapting to new frameworks. However, abiding to health and safety changes is beneficial for 3 main reasons which all serve the best interest of any business, no matter the industry.

    1. Morality

    Business owners should not be complacent in their employees becoming ill or injured at work. As the people whose roles help boost productivity and profit, managers, leaders and owners have a moral obligation to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing. Aside from completing training courses that are tailored to the industry, conscientious companies should look to get everyone on board with safe working methods and get the workforce involved in policy making risk management and procedural development.

    1. Legality

    Offering health and safety Staffordshire based courses, APT are full indoctrinated with the complex laws that surround businesses. Companies should become accustomed with the most up to date versions of laws that affect them and seriously consider the consequences of not meeting legislative guidelines.  Companies who break the law face fines, operational restrictions and in some cases shut down so adhering to the law is in every businesses best interest.

    1. Finances

    One of the main motivators for improving standards of health and safety in Staffordshire businesses, should be the financial kickbacks that come with a happy, healthy workforce. Sick days cost businesses £14 billion every year in sick pay or lost hours and even more when an injury or accident at work becomes a lawsuit. Investing in the relevant training can significantly reduce the risk of injury or illness at work, saving money down the line.

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