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Having a CSCS card verifies your identity and shows employers that you have the required qualifications, training and experience to carry out your work on a construction site. Whilst CSCS is not a legal requirement, more and more contractors are making the scheme mandatory for their construction sites.

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CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is the leading competence card scheme for individuals working in construction, ensuring they are up-to-date and can demonstrate an agreed level of occupational competence.

Who Should Attend

Many contractors and clients insist that all workers on site hold a CSCS card to show that their qualifications and training have been certified, are up-to-date and they have appropriate health and safety awareness.

Anyone working or visiting a construction site may be required by the client or contractor to show their CSCS card. Without a relevant CSCS card, access to construction sites may be denied.


In order to gain a CSCS card, you will be required to pass the touch screen Test. Once the 45 minute test has been completed, we make it hassle free obtaining your card by carrying out the paperwork and application process on your behalf. The card will then be posted to your home address.



The CSCS Test is a multiple choice Health, Safety & Environment Test. It is computer based and will assess you on areas of health and safety and hazards which are relevant to your specific trade.

The CSCS test is designed to improve health and safety awareness and reduce accidents, injuries and deaths on construction sites.

All tests last for 45 minutes and have 50 multiple-choice questions including:

  • 12 behavioural case study questions about how you should behave on a construction site to stay safe
  • 38 knowledge questions to check your awareness of health, safety and environment issues.

These are computer based tests. A tutorial is available before the test which explains how everything works.  A member of staff will also be on hand during your test appointment to help with any queries or issues.

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