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  • Asbestos was a readily used fibre in construction that was prevalent in buildings throughout the 1950s through to the 1990s. Used for its excellent insulation and fireproofing capabilities, asbestos was later identified as posing a huge health risk to anyone who had worked with it. Unfortunately, many buildings still contain this dangerous substance and thus those working in the construction industry need to recognise how to handle and dispose of it correctly for the safety or themselves and others. Our asbestos awareness training in Cheshire can help limit instances of ill health by training candidates on the proper handling techniques.

    Why Do I Need It?

    Under the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’, it is mandatory for all persons either engaged in, employing people to be engaged in, or those managing buildings to take steps to minimise any impact to health in relation to asbestos.  Failure of a company or individual to comply with the legal parameters can result in work stoppages which can be costly both financially and to a business reputation.

    What Does the Course Cover?

    APT’s asbestos awareness training course in Cheshire covers the properties of asbestos,  the risks and effects to health, general epidemiology, types of asbestos, current statistics, where asbestos is typically found, how to avoid exposure risks and legislation, giving candidates all the knowledge they need to safely manage asbestos containing materials and operate in a legal manner when disposing of the material.

    Who May Need It?

    Aside from construction workers, there are a number of industry professionals that may come into contact with asbestos who can benefit from undertaking an asbestos awareness training course in Cheshire. Some of these roles include demolition workers, plasterers, joiners, heating and ventilation engineers, telecommunication engineers, architects, shopfitters and general maintenance staff.

    If you are concerned about working with asbestos enrol onto one of our asbestos awareness training courses today.