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Did you know that in 2018 there were over 14 workplace deaths in the west midlands in 2018? It may seem like a relatively small figure but in actual fact it accounts for about 14% of all workplace injuries across England in the same year. Although over the last 50 or 60 years, incidents of fatalities at work have been on the decrease, as health and safety experts, we want to work towards a total of 0, which means equipping as many businesses as possible with appropriate training. Our IOSH Birmingham courses are a great place for west midlands companies to start.

Righteous Range

Our IOSH Birmingham courses are a fantastic defence mechanism against risk, thanks to their all-encompassing programme range. With working safely, leading safely and managing safely all under the IOSH umbrella, staff at all levels of employment can undertake a suitable course that will contain tailored information about how to complete their job safely and protect others. If someone at every level gains a relevant IOSH qualification, you can rest assured that your company can manage risks in all departments.

Cohesive Courses

Besides having more qualified individuals at your work place, enrolling multiple staff onto IOSH Birmingham courses can help to take the pressure off the workforce. While many businesses operate with a single health and safety officer, this can be a lot of responsibility for one person to undertake, which can often lead to them being overstretched. Stressed staff members don’t always make for the most focused individuals, and when it comes to spotting and preventing risks, a straight head is required. By sharing the responsibility between members of staff, you can disperse the work load making for more vigilance against incidents.

If you’re based in the West Midlands and are interested in an IOSH Birmingham course, get in touch with us today.