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  • First Class Consultancy

    When it comes to offering our professional health and safety consultancy, APT doesn’t beat around the bush. By providing your Cheshire business with this cost-effective, first-rate service, we enhance both your business continuity and general worker well-being. Unconvinced? Read on. Made to Measure Each and every business has a unique set of requirements to consider. […]

  • Take a Seat: SEATS Cheshire

    The environment is a precious thing. At ATP, our CITB Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (otherwise known as SEATS) equips your workers with essential knowledge on how to carry out their duties whilst simultaneously protecting their surroundings.   The Big Picture   Our environments are multi-dimensional. Whether you’re working within a factory or on a […]

  • First Aid Training, Cheshire | APT Health & Safety

    Are you an employer based in Cheshire?  If so, you need to be aware that The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 stipulates that all UK employers must provide appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to make sure all employees, if taken ill or injured at work, can receive immediate attention.   Part of this commitment […]