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Health and safety is a vital part of any high functioning workplace and with technology growing in the workplace, the need for more advanced practices is becoming more apparent. Whether its heavy machinery, computers or telephones, each industry has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to protecting employees and business reputations. With our health and safety consultancy, you can sit back knowing that you’re in our capable hands.

Hands Off Approach

As much as you might pride yourself on being a hands-on boss, it’s impossible to keep track of changing legislation, growing workforces and safe implementation as well as keeping things afloat. Instead, most CEO’s employ somebody to take care of health and safety for them, so rather than employ a full-time member of staff, with our health and safety consultancy Stoke, you can let the experts take care of things for you.

Centred Around Your Business

When using our health and safety consultancy service, regular visits will be arranged according to your size and industry, with appointment and schedules tailored at times that suit you. Our expert consultants cover all aspects of health and safety whether you operate on a single site or do your business on client’s premises. Operating in this way ensures that all advice offered is specific to the demands of your organisation, leaving no risk unattended to.

Accredited & Trustworthy

APT’s consultants have all been trained by a number of relevant health and safety bodies including CITB, IOSH, and CIEH, taking the superior wisdom with us to each site visit. Thanks to our wide array of accreditations our consultancy services can cover a vast specification of areas including health and safety management, audits, legislative updates, inspections, fire risk assessments, method statements and competency assessments.

If our health and safety consultancy is something that interest you, you can learn more here.