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  • Being in business everything comes with a price tag and so it’s only natural that business owners will try and look around for the best deals and the most cost-effective solutions to their problems. Our health and safety consultants in the Midlands are exactly that when it comes to manufacturing a safe working environment with practices that abide by the letter of the law. We know that for businesses, every penny counts and sometimes employing a full-time health and safety professional just isn’t feasible and so we offer a service that provides expert advice at a bargain price.

    We Come to You

    With our health and safety consultancy in the Midlands, our team come to you and conduct all training on site. The other option would be to send a full time individual to regular training courses, have them complete qualifications and then undertake refresher courses when they expire, accounting for a lot of time off, examination, course and travel costs. By cutting these out and being responsible for our own health and safety qualifications, businesses simply pay for our expertise and don’t have to worry about taking time off or forking out for travel and hotels.

    Expert Knowledge

    As health and safety consultants in the Midlands and health and safety trainers, it’s part of our job to keep on top of the ever-changing safety landscape, have up to date certificates and be insured to work on site. This means that compared to a full time professional, we can offer a more in-depth service, providing both processes and procedure that are bespoke and expert legal understanding. Couple that with the fact that we are trainers, which means we can effectively teach other members of staff using our inbuilt skill set.

    Reduced Admin

    By employing one of our health and safety consultants in the Midlands removes a lot of admin from the business, as you won’t have to file any paperwork, national insurance or other documentation associated with having a full-time employee.

    If you could benefit from health and safety consultancy, call our team today on 0843 507 3335 to discuss your options or find out more here.