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In business, it can often be a tempting prospect to cut corners for the sake of saving a few pounds, but when it comes to health and safety this approach can often end up costing you money in the long run. If training is slashed as part of a cost-saving exercise and then an employee winds up in the hospital after a workplace incident, sick pay and legal costs often surpass the amount the training could have cost in the first place. With our closed courses you can train all necessary employees at a reduced price!

No Shortcuts

The bottom line is there are no shortcuts in health and safety and just as you want to be the best in your industry, companies should strive towards the cleanest health and safety reputation. A workforce operating with legal, moral and ethical health and safety parameters is beneficial for both performance and profit and by enrolling your business on a closed course, you can extend health and safety training to the whole workforce as opposed to a few nominated members, giving you cover from all angles.

Reduced Costs

When it comes to training multiple members of staff, the cost of up routing them all and ferrying them to facilities miles away can be daunting. With closed courses we can bring fully comprehensive training to your place of work, negating travel costs and the expense of days off.  What’s more is that by enrolling a greater number of employees onto a course, the price per candidate drops significantly when compared to sending an equal amount to open courses.

Bespoke & Tailored

We understand that the content of some of the courses we offer may only be partially applicable to your industry, which is why we offer the option to tailor your chosen closed course. If for example, you work in a warehouse our manual handling course might seem ideal, but it can also be suitable for hospital staff who may need to move patients in and out of beds. Using our extensive expertise, we can deliver a course that is suited 100% to your industry, that uses real-world examples.

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