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  • Over the last few years, APT has been equipping workers in the construction industry with the necessary health and safety skills to keep them safe, in a dangerous industry. With increasing regulations all the time, The Construction Industry Training Board develops new and intuitive ways to prevent accidents, with the latest initiative being in the form of a CSCS Green Labourers Card.

    Who are They for?

    The introduction of the CSCS green labourers’ card is designed to help provide a scheme for the construction industry, that confirms an individual has undertaken the relevant training and received the subsequent qualifications, for safe working practices. These passports into the construction industry are designed for labourers whether they are new to the trade or have been operating within it for some time, obtaining a green card can help to improve safety standards, increase credibility and project careers for individuals who hold them – even managers and supervisors can benefit from the scheme.

    What Criteria Is Needed?

    In order to obtain a CSCS green labourers’ card, individuals must pass the CITB Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) course, as well as the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test which should have been completed in the last two years. These courses not only need to be passed but must be completed at an approved CITB training centre, like APT. As we are also an approved ATO centre, companies are able to claim money back for any CITB training that is booked with us.

    Enrolling Multiple Staff

    If you are a site supervisor or manager and want to enrol multiple members of staff onto the training course as the first step of equipping them with CSCS green labourers cards, APT can provide on-site training to your organisation. By delivering the (HSA) course on site, there is minimal disruption and the reassurance that all employees have the correct training and accreditation.