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Accidents happen. No matter how diligent your health and safety procedures are or how cautious your mannerisms, it’s just part of life. But when accidents happen in the workplace, they need to be taken more seriously and dealt with effectively to sure up your company legally and to prevent further injuries. That’s why we offer first aid courses in Cheshire & across the UK.

Legal Provisions

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 state that UK employers must provide adequate and appropriate facilities, equipment and personnel to ensure all employees are able to receive first aid attention the moment they are injured or taken in in the workplace. In realistic terms what is ‘adequate’ and ‘appropriate’ will differ between organisations, dependent on several factors.  Some variables that need to be taken into account when selecting candidates for first aid training in Cheshire are; the size of your organisation, the nature and distribution of the workforce, history of accidents as well as annual leave of first aiders.

On the Front Line

To be a competent first aider, it is not enough to simply have the relevant knowledge, executing it properly is what matters and could be the difference between life and death. Our trainers provide methodical coverage of potential scenarios, from managing unresponsive casualties with abnormal breathing to administering first aid to a casualty with suspected head and spinal injuries. Whatever the injury, our trainers stress the importance of thorough first aid in all eventualities by assessing the approach of delegates in practical demonstrations. After completing our first aid course, candidates will be equipped with lifesaving abilities and be ready to swoop into action should an accident occur.

If you’re looking to update your companies first aid courses and are based in Cheshire or Staffordshire, take a look at our available courses and call our team to book.