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  • Over the past three decades, APT Health & Safety have helped both employers and individuals in Liverpool to fulfill their first aid course responsibilities. For companies and organisations, this often entails arranging a comprehensive assessment of the organisation’s unique first aid requirements which allows us to determine what first aid infrastructure should be in place to keep a the workforce safe and operating legally.

    From our headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, we regularly travel to firms in Liverpool and across the Merseyside area providing industry-leading, on-site first aid courses. We can also host businesses and individuals at our new training facility, if you would prefer to undertake your first aid course off site.


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    Organisations: What First Aid Provision Do you Have In Place?

    We can advise on all aspects of first aid and the corresponding training, working with you and your employees to help create a safer, better prepared working environment for you and your employees.

    You may not be aware that The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 stpulates that UK employers need to provide adequate and appropriate  facilities, equipment and personnel to ensure all employees are able to receive  first aid attention the moment they are injured or taken ill at work.

    Integral to this employee responsibility is the arrangement of adequate, high-quality first aid training for all appropriate staff. APT will make sure you are aware of who needs what training and to what level within your organisation, so you don’t have to speculate or assume what is required of you.


    What do we mean by “adequate and appropriate”?

    These terms, in practice, will signify many different things for different organisations as no two working environments are the same, so unique risks are presented in each instance.  Factors that should be taken into consideration  include aspects such as: how many trained first-aiders will be required on a particular work site and what type training each individual will need, what should be the contents of the (perhaps various) on-site first aid boxes and  whether a dedicated first aid room is warranted/necessary. We can help assess and draw definitive conclusions on all these points.


    Some more detailed variables to take into account when conducting a First Aid policy assessment:

    • The size of the organisation
    • Employees working on multi-occupied or shared or sites
    • The nature and distribution of the workforce (i.e. the needs of travelling, on-site and lone workers)
    • Number and nature of workplace hazards and risks
    • The business (and industry’s) history of accidents
    • Distance and access to emergency medical services from the work site/s
    • Annual leave and absences of first-aiders and appointed persons


    To see how APT Health & Safety can help you create a safer, better prepared working environment for you and your Liverpool and Merseyside workforce through cost-effective first aid training,  call us today on 01782 213428