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  • Are you an employer based in Cheshire?  If so, you need to be aware that The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 stipulates that all UK employers must provide appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to make sure all employees, if taken ill or injured at work, can receive immediate attention.


    Part of this commitment is adequate first aid training. That’s where APT come in! We work with numerous businesses and individuals within the Cheshire area, making sure staff are prepared for all those undesirable but all-too-common eventualities.


    Based in Stoke-on-Trent, we’re only 30 miles from the Cheshire border, making the trip to our modern training facility for one of our various First Aid courses easy. What’s more, for added convenience, we can deliver many of our First Aid courses direct at your place of work. We realise that it’s not always feasible to make even the short trip to Stoke, so we’re happy to come to you, allowing businesses across Cheshire to benefit from our first class training.




    How does First Aid relate to YOUR business?



    To what extent you need to develop your First Aid infrastructure will depend on various variables such as the unique circumstances and risks of your particular area of work and specific workplace. Factors to consider will include such things as how many trained first-aiders are required for your specific business and the level of training each of them will need, and also, what should be included in your on-site first aid box.  and whether a dedicated first aid room is necessary.




    APT: Working with you to achieve a safer working environment




    APT are here to help employers in Cheshire meet their responsibilities to carry out or arrange an assessment of their company’s first aid requirements. This allows us to determine what training, qualifications, resources and infrastructure should be  in place to keep your workforce safe and to keep within the law.




    During a First Aid policy assessment, employers should consider:




    The size of the business

    The number and nature of workplace hazards and risks

    The history of accidents at the specific business and the industry generally

    The nature and distribution of the workforce (i.e. the needs of travelling/off-site workers as well as those on-site and lone workers)

    The distance to and ease of access to emergency medical services (from work site/s)

    The expected annual leave and level of absences of first aiders and appointed persons

    Employees working on multi-occupied or shared or sites



    APT Health & Safety look forward to helping you create a safer, better prepared working environment for you and your Cheshire-based workforce. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for advice on 01782 213428. Alternatively, why not check out our course pages to see what First Aid training is currently on offer,