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  • Here at APT, we believe that competence leads to confidence. With that principle in mind, our first aid courses focus on being able to instil confidence through knowledge. We’re aware that in the workplace, the last thing on your employees’ minds is how to appropriately apply a bandage. But that could well be the difference between a complete, healthy workforce, and a diminished one.


    Once all this information has been acquired, the next job is ensuring that the accredited first aider can retain this. The importance of remaining fully aware of the various first aid scenarios cannot be under-emphasised. That’s exactly why we highly recommend giving your employees a booster with our AOFA refresher courses so that, whatsoever the situation might be, they will be able to remain calm with our professional instruction in mind.


    With our industry-leading trainers being easily located only around an hour away from Liverpool and even closer to Manchester, we can swiftly set our professionals to work getting your employees fully trained. For additional information on our first-aid courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0843 507 3335.