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We hate to say it in the midst of all the New Year positivity, but January is one of the worst times of year for workplace accidents. Declining temperatures and frozen surfaces make the first month of the year particularly dangerous, with many staff sliding and tripping just outside of the doors of their workplace. Although nobody wants to expect the worst, it’s important that every business is prepared for it with adequate health and safety training.


Businesses who fail to nominate an appropriate number of first aiders are opening themselves up to potential lawsuits in the event of a negative scenario. Completing out First Aid Training in Stoke, minimises this risk and protects your workforce in the event of an incident and helps to ensure that any injury is treated quickly and effectively, to minimise lasting damage. Placing particular emphasis on the official HSE guidelines, our course helps candidates to fully recognise what their role entails, tailoring the training to a corporate environment.


Having given delegates at our first aid training courses in Stoke a legal context, we build on this knowledge, teaching candidates how to both recognise and manage illness or injury while at work. This allows them to objectively assess incidents as they occur having been taught how to methodically treat injury, using potential scenarios during the training course. Providing a thorough and intentional approach to first aid our trainers stress the importance of attention to every eventuality, even if the accident seems minor.

Where and When?

If you don’t already have a trained first aider, there is no time like the present to book them onto one of our first aid training course in Stoke. The sooner they complete the qualification, the sooner your business is legally protected, so don’t delay and book today. APT have classrooms in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Stoke simply check our website to find your nearest course.