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  • Is your business looking forward to 2020? Whether you’re thinking about improving productivity, turning a larger profit or even just boosting morale, health and safety training can help your business to meet its goals next year. By ensuring your employees are working responsibly and with safety at the heart of what they do, they’re more likely to work efficiently, productively and be happier in the knowledge that their employer cares about their day to day wellbeing. Regardless of your industry, we have a range of courses to improve every companies’ health and safety.

    CITB Refreshers

    If you’re a site manager with a bit of downtime in the quieter months of January & February, then using your spare time to refresh your health and safety knowledge could pay dividends in the year ahead. Our Site Manager Safety Training Scheme Refresher will bring health and safety knowledge up to date and make sure that any new pieces of legislation are covered in depth, ensuring that your practices for the year ahead are legally sound.

    NEBOSH General Certificate

    Our NEBOSH training courses are appropriate for a wide range of businesses and industries as it provides an overview of the core aspects of health and safety that are transferable across disciplines. Covering both health and safety management systems in unit 1 and then moving onto topics including fire safety, electrical safety and physical hazards in unit 2, the programme is suitable for employees at all levels.

    First Aid at Work

    There is no better time than a new year to improve first aid, with slippery roads and ice making a regular appearance, trips and slips are common occurrence, so ensuring your business is braced is the best way to ensure safety. Our First Aid at Work courses will help arm companies against several types of injury from cuts right through to breathing difficulties and burns.

    For more information about our 2020 courses, view our upcoming courses.