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Here at APT, we believe that every business can benefit from Health and Safety training regardless of size, industry or stature. Read on to find out why our savvy safeguarding is leading the way for businesses.

  1. Preparation = Performance

Remember that timeless phrase from school; ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’? Well, we have to hand it to those teachers, they knew what they were talking about! In fact, we even find ourselves applying it to courses of our own. Without the due consideration and proper preparation, it’s easy for a business to set itself up for failure. In all of our courses, we encourage candidates to view Health and Safety procedures as a necessary security blanket for any industry, preventing the blow of negative scenarios.


  1. Precise

By paying careful attention to all factors great and small that influence safety in the workplace, and using real world scenarios, our solutions are rigorous and all-encompassing. This attention to detail is what pre-empts and protects from incidences that have a very real potential of causing harm or lasting damage. Basing our training on all the latest HSE legislation, we rigorously ensure that delegates go on to implement policies that reflect official regulations and provide legal back up in the event of an emergency. Adhering to this approach, delegates can successfully protect their businesses, both physically and legally.


  1. Professional Approach

We didn’t just dream up these procedures, we have had 30 years in the industry and have forged a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and expertise to address a medley of situational factors. Our approach is grounded in a comprehensive understanding and our methods backed up with realistic data, as to provide an accurate and professional service.


If our approach sounds like it would suit your business, you can find a huge selection of industry accredited courses on our website. Or if you would like any more information you can call one of our Health and Safety experts on 0843 507 3335.