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  • The Goal: Safety as second nature

    After the tragedy that occurred early in July where five members of staff were killed whilst working in a Birmingham recycling plant, it is important that companies assess anything that may be in breach of the UK health and safety regulations in order to prevent further disaster.

    Hazards in the workplace have contributed to over two hundred deaths a year thanks to problems with health and safety. Additionally, in the UK there are over one million work related injuries annually, some proving to be drastically life changing. Businesses should have the overall goal of maintaining health and safety to the standard that it becomes a second nature to all workers, and ensuring the safety of all the employees. For you, this means undertaking all the latest  health and safety training that is relevant to your business.


    The importance of Health and Safety training | Birmingham

    Managers should always strive to manage health and safety for the wellbeing of themselves as well as the safety of others, stressing consequences there may be if workers decide to ‘cut corners’ and risk injury or ill health. The business’ health and safety procedures should meet official requirements in order to maintain their legal duties.

    Ensuring the safety of the workers can help relieve distress that companies may otherwise face. Even if an employee isn’t entitled to compensation for their work related injury or illness, the work ethic may still be affected if time off is required.

    Businesses: We come to you…

    Accredited  by NEBOSH, CIEH, CITB, ECITB, IOSH, AoFA and UKATA, APT specialises in providing training to ensure that your company’s safety standards meet the essential requirements put in place by UK regulations. We are stationed in Staffordshire, but we have a range of health and safety courses available in Birmingham, taught through the mediums of onsite training, workshops, or E-Learning. All are designed to help you protect your employees and yourself. Our health and safety courses include specific training on first aid, fire marshal training, working alone, and having awareness of the dangers when working in confined spaces.

    Efficient and effective

    Our onsite training can provide tailored courses that can adapt to suit the working environment of your company. All of our courses are all devised to help businesses, managers and employees understand how to manage and maintain health and safety practices in an an efficient and effective manner.


    If you are a Birmingham business and interested in the APT accredited health and safety courses we have to offer, please contact us online, or call us on 0843 507 3335.



    NEBOSH course stoke

    ‘NEBOSH Training Courses in Birmingham’ – We’re now offering the NEBOSH General Certificate, one of the most widely attained health and safety qualifications within the UK, from our various training locations, including Ibis Styles Birmingham NEC & Airport Hotel. The  NEBOSH General Certificate offers a valuable overview of the core aspects of occupational health and safety. For full details, click here. For details of our Birmingham First Aid Training provision and to view full details about our Birmingham Health and Safety Training venue, click here.