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  • Every year at Christmas we hear of people cursing health and safety professionals for yet another Christmas past time being halted due to ‘health and safety’. In reality, these claims are made by individuals and spread through social media and fake news sites and there is very little truth behind them. We’re busting the top Xmas health and safety myths for you, so you know exactly how to have festive fun, safely!

    Office Workers are Banned from Putting up Decorations

    Every year we hear of companies telling workers they’re forbidden from hanging up decorations, due to health and safety, but this is simply not the case! It isn’t necessary to get a ‘qualified person’ in to do the job, just take sensible measures such as providing a step ladder, rather than using office chairs and we can assure you there will be no health and safety laws broken!

    Children Cannot Make Snowmen at School

    Parents often receive letters in the winter from their children’s schools detailing a ‘health and safety’ ban on making snowmen in the playground. While there are some obvious risks with throwing snowballs, there are no snow related playground activities outlawed by HSE, these reasons are the schools own and are likely in place to prevent cold, miserable children in the afternoons!

    Carol Singers are a Health & Safety Risk

    Over the last few years, we’ve heard that insurance companies producing comprehensive health and safety guides for carol singers, and even parish councils encouraging them to apply for permits to take part in the tradition. Providing that carol singer’s use common sense and don’t start singing in the road or carrying large amounts of cash, they will not be breaking any rules or putting themselves in harm’s way.

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