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    Whatever industry you may be part of, having efficient Health and Safety regulations in place is essential. Without it, your business runs the risk of undergoing serious lawsuits not to mention living with the consequences of any drastically life-changing or even fatal events, whether it happens to you or an employee. Working with business clients throughout Birmingham, APT’s Health and Safety consultants draw on 30 years’ worth of knowledge in conjunction with current UK regulations to help minimise workplace hazards and consequently maximise business continuity.

    Knowledge is everything

    If you find yourself in a supervisory or management position, the onus is on you to ensure that the Health and Safety of your Birmingham business is not only in place but that it remains entirely up-to-date. With APT consultancy, our risk assessments provide in-depth analysis of the workplace and potential dangers so you don’t have to, helping to mitigate the possibility of negative future events. Having identified the weakest links in your Health and Safety, we then recommend the most suitable courses to equip both you and your workers with critical knowledge. Of course, sometimes situations are entirely unpredictable. For that reason, our courses are not only preventative but also provide First Aid training, using this knowledge to salvage the best from a worst-case-scenario.

    Specialist health and safety consultants in Birmingham

    If your business is lacking the advice of specialist Health and Safety Consultants, APT’s professional team can swiftly address your risk mitigation needs. Based in Staffordshire, our team can easily visit your Birmingham site to deliver the necessary assessment and set following measures in place.  To learn more about APT’s Health and Safety Consultancy service, please contact us online or call us today on 0843 507 3335.