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  • As health and safety providers in Staffordshire, even we were knocked off our usual course of business during the COVID-18 pandemic, unable to open our doors and deliver our courses due to a lack of safety for our staff and candidates. Now that collectively, our country and our trainers have learnt more about the Corona Virus, how it behaves and how we must alter our behaviour to limit risks, we are once again open and able to deliver our training, albeit with some adjustments. Much of the country is navigating this new territory and we’ve put together a guide to remind you how to keep safe now you’re back at work.

    Follow Guidelines Stringently

    Different industries have different levels of guidance from the government, and so it is important to stay up to date with which rules apply to you. Where possible, businesses should operate a 2-metre social distancing policy, allowing ample space between customers and staff and limiting capacities to help accommodate this. Where social distancing can not be employed it is wise to put up screens and barriers to help keep your staff safe, avoiding the transmission via water droplets that are omitted during speech.

    Practice Good Hygiene

    Our health and safety teams in Staffordshire have always been fans of good hygiene in the workplace and believe it should be a staple part of all procedures, but it is now more important than ever. Washing hands frequently and wearing facemasks needs to be implemented for everyone on-site including customers, staff, visitors and clients. Business owners should provide hand sanitising stations at the entrances and exits to avoid germs coming into or out of the building.

    Don’t Fall Behind

    While it’s easy to get caught up in all the new measures you need to implement to stay virus-free, it’s important to remember that you have other safety obligations to meet. Whether it’s first aid training, working at heights, managing safely or using machinery make sure that these necessary qualifications don’t fall out of date and book onto one of our health and safety courses in Staffordshire!