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Working in the construction industry is risky, with heavy machinery, demolitions, electricals and adverse weather to deal with, there are many different types of hazards to be aware of. It’s not surprising that with the advancement of site technology comes refreshed legislation and rules for working on a site and recently, there has been a major change in the health and safety rules. All labourers on a construction site are required to hold a green labourer’s card, which shows their employers that they have undertaken relevant safety training. Most sites will need you to prove you have a green labourer’s card before they employ you, so how do you get one?

Complete a Course

There are three steps in obtaining a labourer’s green card, with the first one being obtaining and knowledge-based qualification from the approved list of programmes. As an approved Construction Industry Training Board member, APT’s CITB health and safety awareness course counts towards a CSCS green labourers’ card and has a weekly spot on our timetable. The course must have been completed in the last two years, to prove that you hold an up to date knowledge of health and safety.

Pass the Test

To obtain a green labourer’s card, the second step is to pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environments test, an online multiple-choice examination which must be completed at an approved training centre, of which APT is one! This examination can be booked over the phone or online and costs around £21 to complete, but if you are a business enrolling staff onto this course, you can claim money back, as part of the approved training organisation scheme! Our experts can advise you on how to make a claim, or even file it for you!

Buy the Card

Just like with a passport or driving license, it isn’t enough to say you have one you must show the card to the relevant authorities and employers, in order to be allowed into a construction site. The final step in obtaining a green labourer’s card is to pay a fee of £36 in order to receive a photo ID card.

For more information about how APT can help you to obtain a green labourer’s card, give us a call on 0843 507 3335.