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  • Many prospective labourers do not know how, why, or which CSCS green card Stoke to apply for. Not to mention, for those new to the industry it can be a confusing process. APT have broken down the steps involved and explain why the CSCS green card in Stoke is an effective tool in progressing in the construction industry.

    What Is a CSCS Green Card?

    Anyone who wants to work in the construction industry will require a CSCS green labourers’ card to obtain an entry-level position. In order to apply for one, candidates will need to first complete a relevant health and safety training course, before completing a CSCS test at our Stoke HQ. Our CITB health and safety awareness course is an approved programme of study for candidates to hold, in order to begin the process of obtaining the card.

    The CSCS Card Test Stoke

    Once you have completed your health and safety training course, you’ll need to complete a CITB health and safety test, sometimes called a computer test. The CSCS Test Stoke is split into 2 sections with the first on based around 3 behavioural case studies. The second part is more general and has 38 questions spanning a variety of categories. It is possible to get a total of 42 marks and all questions must be completed within 45 minutes.  APT are an approved CITB test centre which means if your company or potential employer are sponsoring you to get a CSCS card, they can claim money back for both the cost of the course and the test.


    The final stage of obtaining a CSCS green card in Stoke is to send your qualification certificates to and then apply for your card either online, by post or online. You must pay £36 to receive the card, which is usually posted the next working day unless you applied by post in which case it can take 15 days.

    If you would like to kick start the process of obtaining a CSCS green card in Stoke, please call our team on 0843 507 3335.