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Formulated by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health themselves, it’s fair to say that IOSH courses are some of the most reputable health and safety training courses there are, but what makes them so sought after?

Inclusive – Our IOSH Stoke courses consider varying health and safety requirements across the different levels of employment in business. The ‘working safely’ course is designed for all employees and new starters, to give a broad overview of safe practices, legislation and how to avoid risks. On the next tier, ‘leading safely’ is suited to supervisory staff, delves into the responsibilities a middle manager must undertake to safeguard staff and finally ‘managing safely’ targets the highest-level employees.

Opportune –There is no right or wrong time to enrol onto and IOSH Stoke course but when you do, opportunities to progress your business will appear. Once the positive effects of knowledgeable and well-equipped staff present themselves, businesses often choose to enrol a greater number of staff on such courses. Having a manager who knows how to ‘manage safely’ allows CEO’s and directors to direct their attention to other areas of the business.

Safety – It goes without saying that equipping staff with a health and safety qualification improves the overall safety levels of your workplace which has numerous benefits. Not only will it help to reduce the number of accidents, days off and medical costs but it will also set you apart as a company who cares about staff wellbeing. This in turn, is likely to attract employees and will aid you when it comes to recruiting and growing your business.

Happiness – A well looked after workforce, is a happy workforce and an army of pleased staff, is equal to an army of productive staff – need we say more?

If you’re interested in booking and IOSH Stoke course, visit our upcoming courses page.