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  • Now that it is officially 2019, you must stick to your guns and fulfil those new years business resolutions you promised yourself. Stepping up safety can no longer be put on the back burner if you’re looking to start the year off on the right foot and whether you’re looking for a course that is suited to managers, supervisors or even entry-level staff, our IOSH Stoke-on-Trent courses are a failsafe option.

    Why Choose IOSH?

    Developed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, these qualifications are some of the most credible and highly attained across the UK. Delivering three distinct courses aimed at entry-level staff, middle management and employers, each IOSH programme in Stoke on Trent is designed to enthuse delegates about health and safety whilst re-affirming its importance in the modern workplace. By tailoring courses specifically to the candidates work role, they become aware of exactly what their responsibilities are and what they have to do to meet them.

    Working Safely

    The first of our IOSH Stoke on Trent courses is designed for junior positions or new starters, aiming to get them engaged with the importance of health and safety policies from the start, fostering a healthy and happy relationship with the rules. Taught using case studies using up-to-date facts and statistics, this one-day training course covers a wide range of basic principles.

    Managing Safely

    Taking a step up, this course is suited to managers and supervisory staff who have a responsibility to oversee the care of all employees working under them. This IOSH course in Stoke on Trent covers controlling risk, understanding hazards and monitoring performance.

    Leading Safely

    Aimed at business owners and senior executive the leading safely course advocates the intrinsic value of proper health and safety, enabling delegates to lead by example and show their workforce that they care about their wellbeing and the success of the firm as a result.

    To book on to an IOSH course in Stoke on Trent, visit our upcoming courses page or call our team on 0843 507 3335.