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  • At the moment managing a team safely has it’s challenges, with many workers placed at home and being unable to observe closely those that are in the workplace. With the COVID pandemic still forcing businesses to adapt across the UK, being a manager during these unprecedented times has more responsibility than ever before and requires a unique approach to safety. Our IOSH Managing Safely course can help Manchester based businesses to ensure teams are being manged appropriately and adequately during these unusual circumstances.

    Who Can Benefit?

    Any employee in a position of leadership can take our IOSH Managing Safely Course whether in Manchester or any other part of the country. Providing a crucial overview of health and safety, the course covers legislation and possible workplace hazards, using real life scenarios to demonstrate the processes and procedures required. Ensuring that managers and supervisory staff are able to adequately curtail any serious health and safety issues, this course can be taken by individuals looking to progress into management roles or businesses can book a number of their staff onto the programme to help minimise culpability.


    The IOSH Managing Safely Course encourages candidates to recognise and meet their individual safety requirements at work and our trainers identify exactly what these are across industries and professions. Using company specific general hazards in the workplace, we aim to alert candidates to the very real possibility that injury, accident and even fatalities could happen without the right guidance in place. Ensuring that we cover both reactive and active monitoring with risk assessments and control, the course ensures that delegates are aware of the importance of procedural audits and reviews in reducing harm.

    If you’d like to book an IOSH Managing Safely Course and are based in Manchester, call us today on 0843 507 3335.