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  • Delivering our health and safety training in the Midlands is part of our commitment to providing UK wide training and facilitating the safe practices of thousands of businesses across the nation. Historically areas like Birmingham, Coventry and Derby were huge hubs for industry, and with many workers still filling these positions today health and safety training is vital to ensuring their seamless output. A number of options are available for midlands employees to complete health and safety training at a time and place to suit business schedules.

    Top Class Facilities

    The first choice for many, completing health and safety training in The Midlands means travelling to a specialist provider, like ourselves for professional courses. With 2 classrooms in the area, candidates can choose between travelling to our Stoke headquarters or our newer facility in Birmingham to complete their training. A huge variety of courses are available at both of these destinations so candidates from any industry, within any position are likely to find a suitable programme of study.

    On-Site Solutions

    For large companies in need of lots of trained staff members, our on-site training service is the most viable option for health and safety training in The Midlands. Instead of spending time and money working out the logistics of sending delegates to a course, our expert trainers can visit your business to advise about the relevant legal frameworks and tailor health and safety solutions to your workplace, mitigating the need for expensive travel fees and providing an opportunity to train multiple staff at once.

    Consulting the Best

    Our health and safety consultancy service remove the need for training any staff members at all, by effectively employing one of our experts to ensure your business legally compliant. By completing an initial site survey, our consultants advise on areas for improvement, develop complete safety solutions and do all the paperwork associated with the role.

    For health and safety training in The Midlands, call our team on 0843 507 3335 today.