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  • Health and Safety consultancy can be confusing for businesses who may not have used such a service before but APT have been offering this for some time and can explain some of the many benefits it can offer to companies. Working in conjunction with businesses across the UK our health and safety consultancy acts as a partnership to organisations and is effective in terms of contents and cost.

    Tailored Solutions

    Sometimes something that sounds good on paper, doesn’t measure up in the real world and this can often be the case with health and safety. However, we believe that this down to a fundamental lack of flexibility, which is exactly what we offer in our health and safety consultancy service. Dependent on what your needs are at the time and weather these are likely change due to circumstances such as growth of the company, new sites opening or any other contributing factors, our team can quickly adapt the services we provide. In doing so, we always ensure that businesses are operating to the latest laws and are equipped with the most up to date training.

    Time Saving and Cost Cutting

    Not only does our health and safety consultancy save companies from filling out forms and taking care of all of the health and safety admin, it also rids them of the agony of finding out specific HSE legislation that applies to their respective industries. Not only is this a worthy investment by company CEO’s who already have large amounts of responsibilities to juggle, but the cost of using our health and safety consultancy service is far more cost effective than alternative than hiring a full time professional as it provides expert training without the need for salary, pension contributions or national insurance payouts.

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