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  • With an ever-changing safety landscape and more and more staff members to oversee, the definition of ‘managing safely’ changes day by day. Leading a team of employees to success is heavily reliant on ensuring that everybody is working within the restrictions of the law and that they are working together to ensure that risk of injury and accidents are low. Our IOSH Managing Safely Course is ideal for both Cheshire and Staffordshire based managers looking to stay on top of their team’s health and safety procedures.

    Supervise Safely

    The IOSH Managing Safely Course is intended for anyone in a position of leadership, whether or not they carry the occupational title. Anyone responsible for other people or processes within a company can benefit from this essential health and safety course, that provides a basic but crucial overview of current legislation. Enrolling appropriate staff members onto the course will help to curtail workplace hazards all the while minimising the company’s culpability.

    Lead By Example

    Sitting at the top of the chain of command, managers are in an enviable position to staff at lower levels, and they look towards supervisors and managers for guidance. Earning the respect of employees all comes down to leading by example, so undertaking the IOSH Managing Safely course will not only increase candidates managing ability, it will influence lower level staff to comply with safe practices and strive towards minimising risks.

    Real World Application

    When delivering our IOSH Managing Safely Course to Staffordshire and Cheshire businesses, we don’t see it as a box-ticking exercise, we use a raft of general and company-specific hazard examples so that candidates are equipped to deal with very real challenges after completion. Covering active and reactive monitoring, risk assessment, risk control strategies, the importance of audits and reviews, the IOSH course ensures that candidates eyes are opened and that they have the appropriate knowledge to guard their workforce against risk.

    To book onto an upcoming IOSH Managing Safely Course, see our upcoming courses here.