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  • Are you a Manchester business or looking for comprehensive health and safety training but just thinking about the logistics of uprooting your staff base to undertake the training is giving you a headache? And does having an in-house health and safety professional seem like an additional cost that you could well do without? Well APT has a solution, in the form of our on-site training and specialist health and safety consultant service for Manchester-based businesses, organisations and individuals.

    –  What are the requirements of health and safety regulations in the UK? Click here for a guide from the government’s regulatory body, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

    Tailored Training from Experts

    Our consultancy services take a step back from traditional health and safety blueprints. Instead, we craft a solution specific to your company’s requirements. Upon initially visiting a client’s site, our highly experienced health and safety consultants make a thorough assessment of any areas of concern or need. Following this appraisal, our team create a rigorous set of hazard prevention procedures and policies, ready to be set into motion.  We will also provide detailed information on any legal requirements pertaining to your specific business regarding health and safety on a one-off or ongoing basis.

    Save Time and Money

    Not only does our Health and Safety consultancy save you the effort and administrative turmoil of identifying the specific HSE laws (of which there are many) that apply to your business, but it also offers a cost-effective alternative. Taking on a fulltime Health and Safety officers can be both costly and time-consuming, rather than have the expense of yet another employee, we provide unparalleled expertise at a fraction of the cost.

    Our services include but are not limited to the following areas:

    • Health and Safety Management System
    • Health & Safety legislation updates
    • Health and Safety Policies / Procedures
    • Health and Safety Audits
    • Onsite and Offsite Safety Inspections
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements
    • External Assessment Body Support
    • Accidents/Dangerous Occurrences Investigation and Reporting Support
    • Health and Safety Training Guidance
    • Health Surveillance
    • Enforcement Action Support and Guidance
    • SSIP (CHAS, Safe Contractor) Application Support
    • Chair Health and Safety Meetings
    • COSHH Assessments
    • CDM 2015 Advice and Support
    • Contractor Health & Safety Competence Assessments
    • Health & Safety Telephone Support

    Is your workplace Covid-secure? We recommend this HSE guide on working safely in 2020:

    Covid19 HSE guidelines - health and safety consultants Manchester