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When it comes to personal safety, APT is of the opinion that no length is too far. With experience stretching back over 30 years, our expert team delivers health and safety training to businesses throughout the Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool areas. Nevertheless, cynical perspectives on workplace legislation seem all too common nowadays. For that reason, we’re setting the record straight on why our professional courses aren’t just ‘red tape’, but are a shrewd business investment.

The Personal Touch

With a team selected according to their interpersonal skills as well as breadth of knowledge, APT strives to create a training experience that makes a lasting impression. After all, if information isn’t presented in an engaging manner then it’s very unlikely to be retained, let alone implemented in a real-life negative scenario. By using this memorable format, we ensure that our health and safety training is something out of the ordinary, simultaneously stripping away the dull stereotype that’s become associated with the regulations.

Getting the Facts Straight

There are an awful lot of misconceptions over what exactly makes up a fully functional health and safety procedure. By specifically shaping our courses around current legislation including the Health and Safety Workplace Act 1974, CDM Regulations 2015 and any recent alterations, our specialists guarantee that the information provided is entirely up to date. In short, by completing our training your business avoids not only the potential workplace hazards but also any ensuing lawsuits that could otherwise render your company bankrupt. In this way, health and safety is a prerequisite for all business owners looking to protect staff welfare and in turn their own profitability.

To get your business out of the danger zone, browse our full selection of courses online. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly team directly with any enquiries on 0843 507 3335 today.