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  • On-site Training Sessions

    It is important for businesses to invest in health and safety training, but it can also be very important for businesses to invest in the way that’s right for them.

    Depending on your staffing levels and the number that may require particular training and qualifications, it can be financially prudent to book a closed session so that a larger number of people can receive training in one go.

    When more means less

     The beauty of closed sessions (which can be scheduled to be run at your premises at your convenience or from one of our 4 training centres) is that, regardless of how many people from your company are in attendance, there is only usually one of our trainers needed, thus reducing the cost per head the more candidates involved.

    Conversely, if you envisage only one or two people needing a specific qualification in the foreseeable future, it might make more sense to send them to one of our scheduled open sessions where they’ll undertake training as part of a mixed group of people from various organisations.

    Why we encourage on-site sessions

    Unless there’s a good reason not to, we generally encouraged closed, on-site training sessions at your premises. The reasons for this are numerous, and all benefit you the client. And if you’re happy, we’re happy:

    • Save Money The price per person dramatically during training for numerous people at once
    • Bespoke Training We can tailor courses to the your specific needs
    • Save MORE money No travel expenses for delegates as we come to you
    • Comfort Zone Delegate are often more comfortable in their familiar work surroundings
    • Flexibility On-site training allows companies to select dates which work best for them*
    • Manageability Keep track of who has received what training and when more easily
    *Providing one of our trainers is available.


    How does this work in practice? Here are some real life examples of savings made through electing for on-site closed courses:

    Example 1.  

    £495 + VAT for an Abrasive Wheels ½ day course. max 12 people on clients’ premises. Works out at £41.25 + VAT per person. The cost for an open course at APT is £55 + vat per person.

    Example 2.  

    As well as our awareness courses, we can also run all accredited courses on-site with a potential saving of £118 pound per delegate.


    Flexible training solutions

    In increasingly precarious times for businesses, both large and small, any opportunity to increase cost efficiency should be taken advantage of. As part of APT’s ever-flexible training provision, we offer both closed and open, on-site and off-site training sessions to allow our clients to arrange health and safety training that makes good financial sense as well as good common sense.


    Choose whichever is right for you, your staff and your business. Need help? Contact us now on 0843 507 3335 or and we’ll go through all of your options.