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  • It may be a cliché but ‘safety first’ is still good advice and health and safety should be a top priority, particularly in the workplace. As an employer, the safety of your employees is crucial to the continued operation of your company and unsafe work practices can cause huge bumps in the road, so to speak. In the UK alone around 140 cases per year are fatal, so ensuring that procedure is being followed and your employees are protected is vital to minimising these statistics. Our health and safety consultants in Stoke have some tips on prioritising health and safety.

    Appoint A Pro

    Appointing a qualified individual to take care of health and safety is the first step to ensuring that your company is nurturing safe practices. Whether you choose to nominate a member of staff and send them on a course relevant to your industry or opt for a health and safety consultancy like our Stoke based team to manage your procedures – knowing who’s responsible is key. Having qualifications will allow the person in charge to fully recognise their legal, social and pastoral responsibilities and will also help protect your company’s reputation if there is ever an incident.

    Have A Written Policy

    To enforce health and safety you must have a written policy for employees and managers to refer to. This should be easily accessible and distributed to all employees, either when starting at the company or whenever a new change is made. This way you can ensure that everyone is familiar with the policy and therefore more likely to uphold the health and safety standards that you have set. Our health and safety consultants in Stoke can help your company to formulate a comprehensive and clear policy a part of our service and you can rest assured it is backed up by up to date legal frameworks.

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