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Refreshing your knowledge in any area of the workplace is vital to staying ahead of the game and elevating businesses and employees to the next level and there’s no better time to boost your knowledge than with a new year on the horizon. Our Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) runs in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Stoke, and is all sites are accessible to major towns and cities across the UK – so there’s no excuse not to step up safety in 2019.

Supervise for Success

Anyone in business knows that an effective workforce is a well-supervised one and that is no truer than in the construction industry. Completing our CITB refresher SSSTS course in Manchester, revisits delegates understanding of their supervisory responsibilities and reinforces how their duties impact those they oversee. Our expert health and safety trainers deliver this information within a legislative context, so candidates get up to date with the most recent changes to the law, ensuring that upon completion, they are leading within the law.

Diverting Damage

The construction industry is notoriously diverse and just as methods and machinery changes quickly, so must the law surrounding the use of such equipment. In an industry full of risk, knowing the safety framework inside and out is vital before drawing up project plans, in order to achieve the best possible standards. The refresher SSSTS course in Manchester, compels supervisors to strive towards these standards by kicking off each course by identifying the industries biggest issues and addressing them using health and safety law. Providing delegates with refreshed content, makes the context of their job more relevant and shows how just like the industry, their responsibilities are ever changing.

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