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  • The environment is a precious thing. At ATP, our CITB Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (otherwise known as SEATS) equips your workers with essential knowledge on how to carry out their duties whilst simultaneously protecting their surroundings.


    The Big Picture


    Our environments are multi-dimensional. Whether you’re working within a factory or on a construction site, different standards are expected for either location. With that in mind, our team believes it only makes sense to provide a scheme reflecting this diversity. From practical guidance on curtailing disruptive noise pollution to efficiently managing waste and preventing pollution, our SEATS provide the hands-on advice needed to ensure your business leaves barely a hint of its presence on the environment.


    What’s more, those all-important relations with your surrounding neighbours can be maintained. By simply putting into action the knowledge gained from our training scheme, you send a clear message of good intent and conscientious business management.


    Pre-empt and Prevent


    It’s more than simple acceptance of the facts. Our courses train site workers throughout Cheshire to not only see the outcomes of careful environmental treatment, but also to perceive where threats start and how to intercede successfully. In being able to do that, your employees’ intervention will pre-empt and prevent ill-effects on the environment. In turn, their ability to represent the company as responsible contractors is enhanced, whilst our provision of best practice techniques and legal compliance provides them with the occupational Health and Safety knowledge needed to reflect your business’ diligent work ethic. Being intentional about your environmental impact couldn’t be more profitable.


    For additional information on SEATS, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0843 507 3335.