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Working in construction probably means that you’re well-acquainted with the risks of your chosen profession. But as health and safety training providers it’s our job to impart our knowledge onto you, so that you can minimise these workplace dangers and prevent an accident occurring.

With our CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) construction workers in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham can join a course and further grasp the health and safety implications on their role.

Lead the Way

As a site manager, the responsibilities are to set good examples and lead other workers to complete work efficiently and safely. As our course is designed around the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the programme outlines managerial duties in terms of social, legal and moral obligations. This all-encompassing method ensures that once they’ve completed the course, no potential hazard slips from beneath their grip and that effective measures are in place to protect both the workers and the company’s reputation.

Preparing for Success

No site manager wants to find themselves under prepared, whatever the scenario might be. That’s why once our professional trainers have laid the groundwork, they provide examples of method statements and risk assessments for the delegates to model on their individual workplaces. These tasks address specific activities frequently taking place on building sites such as scaffolding, electricity and demolition to name but a few.

As one of the most sought-after health and safety qualifications, the SMSTS course is invaluable to a construction business maintenance. What’s more most reputable employers require the certificate to be carried by their nominated delegate, so whether you’re an individual wanting to climb the ranks or an organisation looking to train a delegate up, our SMSTS course is for you. Take a look online to find a course or call us on 0843 507 3335 and make sure to use discount code SUMMER10 to cut the cost.