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  • A management role carries a number of responsibilities in any industry, but these titles in the construction industry often have an added burden, with the industry being one of the more dangerous. As a leader, your team are relying on you to ensure their health and safety is up to scratch and that the processes, practices and people are working together to keep everybody safe. Endorsed by the Construction Industry Training Board, our SMSTS course in Cheshire allows site managers to do exactly this, by teaching a good understanding of the requirements of the role, the legalities and the unignorable responsibilities.

    Be Practical

    The SMSTS course in Cheshire can help site managers to gain credibility, both amongst peers, seniors and those working underneath them. By providing a solid base of knowledge that covers both theoretical and practical applications, the programme is designed to give managerial staff the skills to implement rigorous health and safety processes, spot problems before they arise and manage risks in everyday scenarios. By covering the law and legal implications that come with poor practices, the course offers candidates a framework to build upon allowing them to see more clearly their moral and social obligations to their teams.

    Be Aware

    Managing risks effectively relies heavily on being able to spot them and deal with them before they result in an incident. Our SMSTS course in Cheshire aims to cover a breadth of common construction site scenarios so that candidates develop a deep understanding of the complex types of risk that could present themselves on real sites. From working in confined spaces, working with electricity, excavations and demolitions, no stone is left unturned during the programme. By outlining the significance of effective methods in these real-world scenarios, the course allows candidates to be practical and pre-emptive when it comes to potential risks.