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Leadership is a fine balance of knowing your stuff and being able to apply the knowledge wisely. With Health and Safety laws and guidelines changing frequently, it’s important the nominated professionals in every workplace maintain their safety procedures, supported by the most recent legislation.  For that reason, our CITB accredited SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) is essential for those involved in the management of construction projects.

Revisit Responsibilities

Undertaking any refresher course allows delegates to revisit their responsibilities. After all, site managers have so much to consider at work; from health and safety practices, timescales and budgets, when things get hectic it’s easy for some responsibilities to slide. The SMSTS encourages delegates to revisit their responsibilities and updates their list of social, moral and legal obligations using up-to-date law to reinforce the duties of their sector. With this rejuvenated knowledge, delegates can go on to confidently lead staff, safe in the knowledge they are operating in the safest manner.

Refreshed Tactics

Anybody who has attended a health and safety course at APT, knows we like to engage our classroom. Far from just being a lecture, our courses use real-world scenarios to test delegates knowledge and allow them to discuss the most prominent points. With each refresher course, we tweak our learning methods in line with any developed research, ensuring that we are teaching in a way that resonates which encourages the retention of knowledge.

Revise Ruminations

To avoid obscurity misunderstanding, it is suggested that Site Managers take an SMSTS Refresher Course every year. Besides updating delegates knowledge, the course offers other useful features, such as examining the type of constructions accidents that are possible when health and safety requirements haven’t been maintained and outlining ways to avoid these hazards.

If your due for some updated health and safety procedures, then book onto our SMSTS Refresher course online or call us on 0843 507 3335 and remember to use discount code SUMMER10.