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  • It is no secret that working in the construction industry has a unique set of risks, from heavy machinery, exposed electricity, excavations and even just poor weather. Comprised health and safety not only pose danger to the workers on site but can also significantly hinder the progress of a project, with one major incident halting work while an investigation takes place. One way to keep things running smoothly is to prevent accidents by equipping the supervisory staff with suitable health and safety training. Our SSSTS course is just the ticket – so what’s it all about?


    Designed for supervisors, the SSSTS course is for those who oversee a team, no matter how small or large. Supervisors are generally the middle point of contact between staff members and the managerial staff and so it is vital that they can be relied on by those both below and above them in the hierarchy to provide safety. The course is delivered in a legislative context, and covers law that effects their decision-making processes, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. By ensuring delegates become familiar with the legal implications of their procedures, our trainers can then equip them with the necessary information needed to complete a risk assessment that covers a range of realistic scenarios.


    The SSSTS course covers a variety of situations including demolition work, fire hazards, working at heights, electrical dangers and confined spaces. By providing supervisors with training that makes them effective at managing and reducing these risks, businesses who enrol them on the course can boost the overall success of the organisation by preventing injury to members of staff and making sure all practices are legally compliant.

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