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  • The cold temperatures of January bring frozen grounds, slippery surfaces and brittle materials, all of which can amount to increased risk on the already hazardous construction sites around the UK. With weather-related accidents more likely at this time of year, there is no better time to arm employees with health and safety courses that help protect them and others from accident and injury. Our SSTS course in Stoke on Trent is the ideal programme of study which ensures that those responsible for teams can promote safe practices and reduce the risk of incidents.


    The SSSTS course in Stoke on Trent is a cost-effective solution for construction employers looking to roll out health and safety across the workforce, without having to enrol every member of staff on a programme appropriate to their role. By equipping supervisors and managers with the course, the skills, safe practices and risk assessments that they learn, will be employed on-site and will naturally trickle down to staff lower down in the hierarchy. By watching superior staff execute their responsibilities in a safety-conscious manner, employees will naturally follow their example, leading to improved safety all round.

    Time Efficient

    In the construction field, employers can rarely afford to lose their managers and supervisors for long periods of time, relying on them to do the daily overseeing of projects. Taking place over just 2 days, the SSSTS course in Stoke on Trent intensively covers the legal system, codes of practice, working at height, noise, demolition, occupational health, fire, electricity, confined spaces and control of contractors, ensuring candidates receive a broad overview of all concerning areas, without them being off-site for too long! What’s more is that by sending one of two individuals to undertake the course, you mitigate the need for the whole workforce to take a day off for training, so projects can remain on deadline.

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