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  • APT has been providing steppingstones for those in the construction industry who want to take the next step in their careers, for some time. a CSCS card in Staffordshire can help these candidates to get their foot through the door by proving a commitment to health and safety on site. Whether you’re re-entering the industry, changing careers or just starting, every pathway into the role requires this card and more and more employers are insisting their staff have one before stepping foot on site. So, how is a CSCS card in Staffordshire obtained with APT?

    CITB Qualification

    The first step in obtaining a CSCS card in Staffordshire is to pass the Health and Safety Awareness course that is CITB accredited. This construction industry training board qualification is on offer at APT’s headquarters in Stoke and covers the health and safety implications a candidate may encounter when working on a construction site. Over the course of one day, candidates will study accident prevention, legislation, role responsibilities, risk assessments and method statements, before going on to complete a qualification comprised of 25 multiple-choice questions.

    Environment Test

    Secondly, candidates must complete and pass the CITB Health and Safety Environment test at an approved test centre, of which APT is one of. This secondary test is a crucial step in obtaining a CSCS card in Staffordshire and is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions. Over 45 minutes, candidates will answer 38 questions about health and safety issues and 12 questions about case studies and how to behave safely.

    Apply for The Card

    Once the Health and Safety Awareness course and the Health and Safety environment tests have been completed and passed, candidates can apply for their CSCS card in Staffordshire and will need to pay a small fell to get the card developed. It should arrive in around 6 weeks and will remain valid for 5 years.