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  • The journey into a construction career is one that can have many paths with apprenticeships, trade degrees and work experience all viable entrances to the coveted profession. Whichever lane one decides to take, these routes all have one small hurdle to get over in common – obtaining a green labourer CSCS card! This passport into the industry is becoming more and more important for new starters as it proves that candidates have undertaken the relevant health and safety training for the role and will conduct themselves appropriately around the many hazards found on a construction site.

    Step One

    The first part to getting a green labourers CSCS card is to pass a CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) course in Health and Safety Awareness (HSA). This programme of study is designed so that individuals can become aware of the health and safety implications of working on a construction site, ensuring that they do not pose a risk to fellow colleagues. This course can be completed at APT’s headquarters in Stoke and takes just one day to bot study and take the qualification. The exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions about preventing accidents, health and safety legislation, the role responsibilities, risk assessments and method statements.

    Step Two

    Once candidates have completed this course, they are then required to complete and pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment test. In order to count towards the green labourer CSCS card application, this must be completed at an approved test centre, like APT’s. This secondary test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and takes 45 minutes in total, covering 38 questions about health and safety issues and 12 questions about case studies and how to behave safely. Once candidates have passed and completed both tests, they are ready to process their application and pay a small fee to get their CSCS card.

    For more information about a green labourers CSCS card or to book onto a CITB course, call our team on 0843 507 3335.