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  • It’s well known across industries that health and safety procedures are an absolutely necessary part of every working day and most companies benefit from elected staff members or training courses to help spread the word of good practice amongst the staff. In our experience as health and safety consultancy experts, while courses can provide a great return, employing a consultant to manage your health and safety can be more effective and a great cost-saving exercise. So, what is health and safety consultancy?

    A Helping Hand

    Our experts know that CEO’s, business owners and even managers often have chaotic working days, with lots of responsibility and a hoard of staff to oversee, and with such an intense schedule, health and safety can quickly become an afterthought. Once standards start to slip, accidents begin to happen, endangering both staff and the company reputation. With APT’s health and safety consultancy, we offer a helping hand, visiting your site as often as necessary to identify areas of concern, create risk assessments and help to develop correcting practices.

    Increased Standards

    Opting for a health and safety consultancy to manage your onsite training and development, means that the experts are at the helm and our consultants bring with them years of experience and legal know how. As health and safety trainers by trade, consultants know the best ways to impart wisdom and help your staff retain what we teach them so that appropriate knowledge can be applied after our visitation is over. Regardless of your company’s size or sector, APT create a comprehensive management plan, tailored to suit the unique requirements of your workplace. What’s more, we can develop training for companies whose staff work remotely or on a contractual basis, so all bases are covered.

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