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  • Working in a senior position in the construction industry, there is a great deal of responsibility both to tow the company’s values and to oversee those under your chain of command. With those above you relying on you to turn projects over without issue, it’s vital that your site safety is top-notch and accredited by the Construction Training Industry Board (CITB). But is our SSTS training gin Stoke for you or do you need SMSTS?


    Role Specific

    While our SSSTS training in Stoke is similar in many ways to SMSTS, it’s important to choose the right course for your position. Even if you are currently a supervisor with ambitions of moving up to a managerial role, it is best to start with the SSSTS course before progressing your training as your career changes.


    Key Differences

    The SSSTS training in Stoke is a 2-day course, the SMSTS takes place over 5 as it delves deeper into the health and safety responsibilities of the role. Although the subject matter of both is very similar, a site supervisors’ role is to ensure compliance with these health and safety systems, whereas a manager has more of an implementation role and must fully understand the legal frameworks.


    Why SSSTS?

    APT’s SSSTS training in Stoke is aimed at first-line managers and supervisors, or individuals who are progressing into these positions. The content of our course will increase the understanding and awareness of health and safety legislation, risk assessments and managing hazards so that the company is protected, the environment promotes safety and supervisors can step into their role with confidence.


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