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Whether you are a skilled groundworker or a beginner bricklayer, it is now necessary to show that you have the skills and qualifications to be able to pursue it at a professional level, with a CSCS green card. To obtain this valuable passport, you’ll need to complete an approved health and safety training course such as the CITB health and Safety awareness scheme, before you can apply. Read up about why the CSCS Card can help any construction employee.

Improve Your Knowledge

Many people mistakenly assume that health and safety on construction sites boils down to common sense. While everyone is well aware that hard hats and high vis must be worn, safe procedures go much further beyond this. With a CSCS green card, you are able to demonstrate a great understanding of health and safety and will have the qualification to prove it.

More Employment Opportunities

At present, the demand to find construction labourers in the UK is high and as a result, the industry is willing to offer an increased salary to labourers who hold a CSCS green card. Holding this health and safety passport will give you the opportunity to progress in a construction career and give you a head start above those without.

Show Your Dedication

Many people and employers have had bad experiences with construction industry workers and one of the major hurdles new starters need to jump is proving they are not ‘cowboys.’ Obtaining a CSCS green card shows prospective employers and clients that you have taken an active step in proving yourself as a dedicated employee and that you hold a level of expertise when it comes to safe practices.

To start the ball rolling on your application, book onto one of our CITB Health and Safety Awareness Courses today.