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  • Whether a business is in the construction industry, telesales, retail or security, every workplace can benefit from employees undertaking one of our health and safety training courses in the midlands. The start of a new year is the ideal time to refresh your practices and enrolling candidates onto a course should be the top of your resolutions list this year. Here’s why our experts believe that businesses should take a course in 2020.

    Reduce Absences

    If employees are taught the correct ways to go about their job with safety in mind, they are less likely to cause or be part of an accident. By avoiding injury and accidents, they are far less likely to take time out of work, which can be costly both in terms of sick pay and productivity. The more informed employees are about health and safety legislation, practices and procedures, the more confident they will feel about fulfilling their role which will also help to minimise stress-related illnesses.

    Strong Reputation Building

    Having a low number of reported accidents and injury in the workplace will build a company’s reputation up quickly. Our health and safety training providers in the midlands, know just how beneficial a flawless reputation can be to a company, both in terms of attracting employees and clients to the business. Providing staff with the correct training demonstrates that you care about staff and the business overall which are both appealing and alluring traits.

    Save Money on Insurance Costs

    Accidents in the workplace can be expensive both in terms of fines, legal fees and compensation payouts. If action is taken against the business by an employee who has sustained an injury, the process could be long and drawn out, causing further issues with absences to pay for and statuary sick pay. If you ensure your workforce are well trained with our health and safety training in the midlands, you can prove that the necessary steps were taken to ensure safety, helping to cover you legally.