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  • The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is one of the most widely recognised bodies in the health and safety game, so it’s safe to say undertaking an IOSH course in Staffordshire, your qualification will be well recognised.  IOSH courses are unique in that they are not always industry-specific and are targeted more towards job titles than sectors, offering candidates who complete one of their qualifications flexibilities as well as improved health and safety knowledge.



    APT offer a range of IOSH courses in Staffordshire including Managing Safely, Supervising Safely and Working Safely. These courses are suited to employees at all levels within the traditional company structure and everyone from new starters to directors can take part, without getting lost in a midst of industry jargon or complex theory. With IOSH courses being so easy to access, there are no excuses to train the entire workforce in health and safety.


    Cross Careers

    As our IOSH courses in Staffordshire are aimed at job titles as opposed to sectors, candidates who qualify can take it with them to new job roles as their careers progress. Having a health and safety qualification before starting a new role is a sure-fire way to head straight to the top of the list and help develop your career, as it shows willingness, enthusiasm and responsibility.


    On-Site Training

    If your company wants to take full advantage of the range of IOSH courses in Staffordshire and equip numerous members of staff with a health and safety qualification, our expert trainers can come to your workplace and deliver the course on site. This removes the need for the upheaval of staff, travel fees and time off work which can be inconvenient and expensive. By delivering the course at your place of work, we are even able to offer a more bespoke service tailoring the course to suit your environment.