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Our surrounding working conditions and environment have a huge effect on the way we approach our work. Here at APT, we tailor our courses according to the fact that certain roles require yet more stringent legislation. Our Working at Height course (WAH3) bridges the gap between the hazard and secure Health and Safety procedure throughout Birmingham.


Dizzying Heights


When employees’ work is conducted at height, there’s a multitude of things to consider. Aside from the obvious health hazards, there’s the necessity of carefully continuing tasks under stress. We train on the importance of deploying lanyards, harnesses and erecting ladders securely, all whilst keeping calm and carrying on in any situation, ensuring the collective safety of a team. Our rigorous course incorporates the Work at Height Regulations 2005, to provide a ground up approach to our training. Our professional trainers look to ultimately minimise the inherent occupational hazards of working in such an environment.


Spot the Weakest Link


APT training aims not only to inform, but primarily to equip. Without the necessary skills in place, static Health and Safety knowledge can’t move into being practical. During our WAH3 course, we train attendees to thoroughly inspect apparatus, from identifying faults and damage to putting in place the correct setup procedures, with operative pre-use checks. Being aware and highly perceptive of risk is nothing short of vital when working at height.


Located in Staffordshire, it’s a simple matter of hopping onto the M6 from your Birmingham base to be with us in just less than an hour. Alternatively, our experts can supply you with the wealth of knowledge needed through onsite training, workshops, or E-Learning.


To learn more about our Working at Height course (WAH3) see our website or feel free to contact us directly on 0843 507 3335.