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  • During these strange and unprecedented times, large numbers of people are working from home and conducting much of their activities remotely, but employers still have a duty of care for their staff, no matter where they are. Our health and safety experts in Staffordshire have been helping businesses to improve their staff’s wellbeing through a range of specialised courses and now, we too have turned our attention to delivering our services remotely and have some tips for managing the workplace safety for home workers.

    Create Good Environments

    Having a comfortable working environment is paramount to productivity and although you cannot create a perfect set up in a worker’s home, you can provide them with the means to do so. Give out resources which remind people sitting for long hours to adopt good positioning, with their computer at eye level, arms at a 90-degree angle and a seat that promotes good posture. This will help to reduce RSI and ensure they aren’t going to suffer back or eyesight problems. If they do not have an adequate desk or chair, ensure where possible to get these sent out to workers.

    Check In

    The mental toll of working from home and balancing childcare, lack of socialisation and increasing anxiety surrounding the pandemic can be a lot to bear, so its vital to check in with employees regularly and assess how they are coping. Insist on them taking some time off if necessary and provide resources for occupational health and make sure they get in touch with qualified people if they need to reduce stress and talk through issues. If they are overworking themselves, advise them to take regular breaks and to stick to the working hours where possible, to maintain a routine.

    For more information about how to improve working environments, contact our health and safety experts in Staffordshire today.